Tvrdic family owns around 200 beehives, and our only mission is to act as an intermediary between the bees and our loyal customers.

When it comes to honey, the most important thing is to wait until æ of a frame with honey comb is covered with a wax lid which is used to protect the stored honey. This guarantees that the honey which we later gather is of highest quality. 

On the island of Solta, we mostly gather rosemary honey (both in autumn and spring) since rosemary blooms twice a year. Another honey which we regularly gather is a mix between meadow flowers and sage. 

An interesting fact about honey is that, if the jar is closed well, it will never go bad, i.e. it does not have an expiration date.

With pollen, we pay special attention to gathering it daily. In this way it can be conserved while it is still fresh. Fresh pollen is its purest form, and when fresh, pollen provides only the best to human organism. 

For easier conservation and transport of fresh pollen, we tend to mix it in a Ω ratio with rosemary honey, since honey has conservation properties. Our customers can then simply have the best of honey and pollen in the perfect ratio.

For propolis it is important to be harvested and stored in a proper way. This is achieved by mixing it with pure alcohol, and filled in glass bottles.

The most precious of bee products, the Royal Jelly, has to be collected from the queen's nest with a wooden spoon, since metal can have a negative effect on it. Royal Jelly is then conserved in a honey, pollen and propolis mix and sold to our customers in light-isolated jars,  because of its sensitivity to light.

All products are packed as memorable souvenirs, and as such are sold to our customers.