Olintio - rosemary honey with pedigree

The unique honey from Solta which is extracted from the wild rosemary flower has been wanted and appreciated since the antic ages. The tradition of beekeeping on Solta is confirmed by the foundation of the first beekeepers association in 1875.

During the French administration in Dalmatia the special committee had evaluated the Solta honey and they came to a conclusion that it was the best, not only in the whole province, but in the whole Europe.

In the international expos in Bratislava and Paris in 1877. the honey from Solta won medals. The italian newspapers UNITA CATOLICA, on 2nd September 1877. gave the name to the honey from Solta "OLINTIO". After World war II, the publishing company HOEPLI in Milano published a book "IL MIELE" in which was written that the honey from Solta was, because of its properties, amongst the three best honeys in the world.

The spirit and tradition of Olintio and other bee products is carried on by Tvrdic Honey.