Pollen are the cells used by flowers in the reproduction process. The bees gather pollen for its own nutritious value. Pollen is often called "The complete food" because of the wide palette of vitamins and proteins it contains.

  • 01 Bees on a Honey Comb
  • 02 Pollen  Gatherers
  • 03 Honey and Pollen mixed
  • 04 Honey and Pollen Mixed 2
  • 05 Bee on a Rosemary
  • 06 Fresh Pollen

We pay special attention to gathering it daily. In this way it can be conserved while it is still fresh. Fresh pollen is its purest form, and when fresh, pollen provides only the best to human organism. 

For easier conservation and transport of fresh pollen, we tend to mix it in a Ω ratio with  rosemary honey, since honey has conservation properties. Our customers can then simply have the best of honey and pollen in the perfect ratio.