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Give Bees a chance!

  • 01 Beekeeping School
  • 02 Bees on a Honey Comb
  • 03 Honey Comb
  • 04 Honey Presentation
  • 05 Glass Beehive
  • 06 Honey Shop
  • 07 Beekeeping School 1
  • 08 Glass Beehive 1
  • 09 Beekeeping School 2

Bees are so much more than just honey. Support us and them, learn about those wonderful creatures and the problems they face in the modern world, and see them through a glass beehive. A presentation, which lasts around 45 minutes, includes honey tasting.

Price 20 EUR per person, min 2 people (or 30 EUR for a single person)


Beekeeper for a day

  • 01 Welcome Aperitif
  • 02 Honey Making
  • 03 Bee Yard with a View
  • 04 Bee Yard
  • 05 Honey Making 1
  • 06 Getting Honey
  • 07 Grandmas Gingerbread

Get your hands sticky with honey! In this presentation, which takes around 2 hours, you will see a real beehive and beekeeper at work, and bring back home your own honey that you make yourself! Do not worry, it is perfectly safe, since you are at all times accompanied by Goran, a professional beekeeper, who will provide you with professional beekeeping equipment, and will train you on how to make your own honey. Be careful, though, making honey is hard work :)

Price: 58 EUR per person, min 2 people (or 80 EUR for a single person)